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Allergy Testing

Identify Your Allergic Triggers

At-Home or At-Clinic
Allergy IgE Diagnostic
Dry Blood Spot Test

AllerSmart IgE is Available in the USA and Canada

We at AllerSmart aim to help allergy sufferers take the first step towards proper diagnosis and treatment.

AllerSmart orders are physician-reviewed as an allergy IgE diagnostic dry blood spot test for all major dietary and environmental allergens including mixes of pollens, pets, dust mites, and molds. Dietary allergens include the "Big 9" 

Covid testing has resulted in improvements and a shift in allergy testing, older IgG tests are no longer recommended and patients should be retested using proper IgE allergy testing. Beware of the lower cost of IgG testing. 

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Key IgE Panel

Dry Blood Spot Test

  • 28 Major Food Allergens

Milk, Wheat, Eggs, Shellfish, Fish, Tree Nuts, Peanut, Soy, Sesame, and more

  • 40 Key Environmental Allergens

Pollens, Pets, House Dust Mite, Molds

  •  Comprehensive Report

Full Allergen Profile, Test Results, Treatment Options


$375 USD

Free Shipping



For use as an IgE Allergy test for the top 28 food and 40 key environmental allergens.

The test is completed within 5 days once the sample is received at our lab.

Test results require discussion with your healthcare professional for proper clinical diagnosis. 

Order registration includes the option for a healthcare professional as a report recipient. 

Simple Process - How It Works

1. Order Your Kit

Place your order via our website. At this time you will fill out an order form requesting clinical information. Once ordered, we ship you a collection kit.

2. Collect Your Sample

Included in your dry blood collection kit is a complete guide on collecting your sample. Once collected, submit your test requisition form to us to receive your pre-paid shipping waybill.

3. Receive Your Results

Within days, receive your full allergy test results. Included within the report package is supplemental information pertaining to each tested allergen, allergy treatment options, and further clinical information, providing you a full analysis.


The recommendation is that children and adults with persistent asthma receive allergy testing, particularly for indoor inhalant allergens (animal dander, house dust mites, and certain molds). Also, allergy testing can be considered for persons with intermittent asthma

In vivo and in vitro allergy testing may be used to determine and diagnosis immunoglobulin E (IgE)-mediated allergic disorders. In vivo allergy testing involves skin tests that introduce antigens into the skin to confirm IgEmediated diseases. In vitro allergy testing detects hypersensitivity by measuring allergen specific IgE in the blood serum. 

Harvard Medical School

Allergy Testing Explained

  • IgE Allergy Scratch Test

  • IgE Allergy Blood Test

  • Food Challenge Testing

Complete Your Diagnosis
Continue on the roadway to a healthier lifestyle.
We strongly recommend you consult with your medical professional on the next steps upon receiving your results. 

Visit our patient information selection to learn more.

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