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The Test includes:
28 Major Foods Allergens
40 Key Environmental Allergens
Comprehensive Report
$250 USD

Thank you for your interest in using the AllerSmart IgE test kit within your practice.


With a simple prick of the finger, AllerSmart IgE provides you and your patient a full analysis of their allergy IgE hypersensitivity.

Patients can confuse IgG with IgE testing, IgE allergy testing is clinically proven and accepted by all major medical colleges.

Order Options

The AllerSmart IgE allergy test collection kits can be ordered either to your clinic or your patient's home if you provide telehealth options. 

Turnaround Time

The test is completed within 3-4 days once the sample is received at our lab. Notifications are sent via email once reports are ready to be downloaded from My Report page.

Order Form and Processing

  • Inside the kit, you will find the testing instruments as well as an order form. 

  • Once the order form is filled out, please either scan, fax, or upload the order form to the below page:

Order AllerSmart IgE Kits

Orders will be invoiced upon placement

Ordering multiple kits saves on shipping



Thank you for ordering. Your order will be shipped within 1 business day upon payment, with a tracking number provided.