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Thanksgiving Potlucks for those with food allergies

If you look up the definition of Potluck, you come up with terms like

risk · gamble · hazard · venture · speculation ·

For those with food allergies the definition takes on real concern. What can you do to lessen the danger? There are some basic things you can do.

1. When you get invited to a Potluck, let your host know right away if you have any allergies and specifically what they are.

2. Suggest to the host that they let the other guests know, without mentioning your name, that a person attending has an allergy to XXX, and if the food they are bringing contains that allergen please attach some sort of sign.

3. Suggest to the host that when they notify guests of your allergy, she asks if any others have dietary restrictions. Often people are shy about mentioning them as they don't want to be a bother, but if asked are much more likely to share.

4. Bring something to share that you can eat and consider sharing a recipe with guests, they can try a XXX-Free food and realize there are alternatives that aren't weird and possibly healthier for all.

5. See the event as an opportunity to increase allergy awareness without lecturing. By spreading the word you automatically help safeguard others with food allergies, not just yourself, good for you!

6. Share educational websites like Food Allergy Canada or FARE so people can learn more. Education is a cure for ignorance.

7. Ensure that you have a dedicated friend "DF"or relative there who is aware of your allergy and what to do in case of emergency, not unlike a dedicated driver.

8. Most importantly have fun but also carry epinephrine and don't hesitate to use it

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

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